Online Marketing

Does your website produce the desired results?
Do you get enough enquiries through your website?
Would you like to get more targeted traffic to your website?
Do you get comprehensive reports on who is visiting your website?
Do you require an online advertising campaign?
Do you need a web design company who understands your branding and advertising needs?

One stop Internet Marketing Solution
Loksons offers a one stop solution for your Internet marketing needs. We are up to date on the latest techniques to bring our clients better conversion and increased return on investment.

Through consultation with our clients, we determine the best online marketing strategy that would complement their business. Through years of experience, we have developed a knack for knowing what works and who it will work for. It's important to note that it might not be any one standalone service that is most effective, but a combination of best practises to follow your needs. We provide the initial and support marketing services to make your brand shine!

Search Engine Optimisation
Search Engine Optimization is a delicate and ongoing process of naturally growing your organic search engine ranking. There is no one recipe for all sites and we review each site uniquely to decide on the proper approach for getting maximum return on investment through increased traffic and conversion. There are two sides to search engine optimisation. First we look at on page factors that would have an impact on your rankings (including conversion analysis) and make ammendments to your existing (or new) website. Secondly we offer a monthly service level agreement that handles further on-site tweaks, as well as off-site marketing to generate inbound links and targeted traffic.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing (Search Marketing)
Pay-per-click marketing is the process of running a campaign with your preferred search engine marketing system (we prefer Google Adwords) where you bid on specific keyword phrases. There are two channels within which your ads gets served. Firstly, on search, meaning that when a user searches with a keyword or phrase and it matches up with your selected pool of keywords and phrases and serves your ads next to organic (natural) search results on Google. You pay only when a user clicks on your ad (from there the term pay-per-click) and costs vary depending on the competition and quality score of your campaign.

The best way to promote your website is to run an internet marketing campaign in conjunction with doing search optimization on your website. This will ensure that your site will rank well on your selected keywords. Being Google Adwords Qualified, we handle all PPC (Pay-per-click) campaigns and we will consult with your company to ensure that your monthly budget is applied in the best possible way to achieve maximum results.

Social Media Marketing
In the modern age of Web 2.0 we focus on user centric design, and enable our clients to take advantage of what it has to offer. Whether sharing of videos, images, or cross-platform interaction, we will help build a viral strategy to grow your company. Part of social media marketing is also online reputation management, which has become an industry in itself. Loksons can help you learn what consumers are saying about your brand or products and help you formulate a strategy in dealing with consumers directly.

Email & Database Marketing
Loksons provides a wide range of services based on the email platform. We have run large campaigns for various local and international clients with excellent response rates. Your client database is a very important asset, and with the right tools, you can grow your database and reach more users that want to receive more information about what you offer and have to say.

  • Newsletters
  • Competitions, Surveys, RSVP's, Viral Email Systems
  • Database Management
  • Email Data Rental Services
  • And more

Affiliate Marketing
Interested in setting up an affiliate program for your website? Contact us for more information. Affiliate marketing works in a way where people who sign up for affiliate accounts get a unique code and everytime someone purchases a product or service from you, you pay them a commission on the sale. A deviation of this is Pay Per Action for which you pay affiliates a set fee on generating you a qualified lead / sale.

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