Web Site Development
Loksons provides full scale web design services, from small static to large content managed (database driven) websites. Our aim is always to be goal driven, and to make your website work for your 24/7. With our specialist online marketing skills, we provide solutions that provide solid return on investment for years to come.

Website Information Architecture
In the current competitive online environment it is of great importance to have a proper content strategy in place. Whether you are building a tourism website or selling shoes online, your content strategy must be in place, because search engines and ultimately your new clients need quality content. We help you build an information architecture around your products and services to give you the best possible return on investment and conversion rates.

Website Conceptual Design
Design, especially for websites are ever changing. If you need a fresh re-design or something out of the box, we can help you realise your dream. Our goal? To make you get your message accross as effectively as possible to your given target market and to be appealing in the process.

Website Layout Design & Optimization
The layouts of your content (written and graphical) is of great importance for getting good conversion. Within our conversion strategies we aim to ensure that maximum conversion is reached by specific placement of content within your layouts.

Database Development
We can handle anything from your basic catalog or content management system in PHP/MySQL setup to more intricate information systems. We can also integrate with any existing database systems to help your company processes flow smoothly. From relational database architecture through final implementation, we ensure that maximum speed and efficiency is maintained.

Content Management Systems
Loksons has developed several custom content management systems, most of which are highly search engine friendly with excellent results for clients. We build our content management systems with the end-result in mind. Big traffic and good conversion. Easy to use interfaces also makes your life easier when updating your website.

We have multiple modules developed, whether booking engines, galleries, news feeds or something totally custom. Talk to us about your ideas, our experience will save you money in the long run.

We have more than 6 years experience in developing blogs and make use of the most widely recognised WordPress Blogging Platform. We know exactly how to set up your blog to get maximum exposure. Whether you are looking to run a microsite campaign or build a long term user base, we will make it work for you.

E-Commerce Web Design
Loksons has built some very successful e-commerce systems, whether from the ground up or using customised open source. Our online marketing experience also allows us to help plan your marketing strategy and ensure that we get your products in front of the right audience.

Web 2.0 Website Design
Social media has had a major impact on the current use of the Internet and how users interact with each other. Loksons can bring Web 2.0 elements to your website to ensure maximum visibility of your content, and unimaginable mashups of various open API platforms, all integrated within a central platform.

Let your users share their content and grow your website for you virally!

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